Kids Corner Enrichment to Debut at 2019 Sand-Water-RV Expo

Visitors to the 2019 Sand-Water-RV Expo will find a new attraction waiting for them and their children — “Kids Corner Enrichment” — a new, local 501c3 charity focusing on kids and two of Lake Havasu City’s most abundant resources — “water and sun”. Here’s what they are trying to accomplish.

Provide a safe and educational environment for kids and families to visit starting at local events and gatherings in Mohave County and the Colorado River area. Our focus will be on water and sun safety to empower smart choices for outdoor activities. Bring awareness to new experiences kids may have otherwise had limited access to in our community and awaken the family life in our area to the potential of adventure in our own backyard.

Kids and families will be able to experience activities such as fishing, hiking, bike riding, and animal/equestrian care. Interact with business for tours and shadow opportunity, BLM tours and education, Arizona Game and Fish presentations, Law Enforcement Awareness and general connections to how our community thrives. We have the potential to change kids lives with these experiences and it will depend on strong connections, ethical actions and the proper funding to furnish the desires.

Our initial launch will be with the backing of the Lake Havasu City Boat show from April 3-5, 2020 in Lake Havasu City, AZ. We will be hosting a Kids Corner Zone with organizers and volunteers promoting the launch of Kids Corner Enrichment as a 501c3. With our ability to provide a safe and educational area like never before, locals and guests will understand the direction our organization is headed.

Our vision is to promote awareness in public events for water and sun safety to keep our community on its toes about life jacket awareness, proper hydration, SunScreen importance, as well as looking out for others. We want to encourage quick action in a moment of emergency as well as law enforcement awareness. We live on one of the deadliest bodies of water in the united states, lets educate our youth on making smart decision as well as helping others in needs.