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All Sand-Water-RV Expo Exhibitors, Vendors and the general public are invited to SXS Expo Madness sponsored by on Friday, November 16 (the evening before the Expo opens) – a “meet & greet/welcome Expo party” and a SXS contest at the Heat Hotel and Bar from 7pm to closing.

There’s no entry fee or pre-registration, just show up with your SXS.

Bring your ‘built to the hilt’ SXS to the Heat by 8:00pm where it will be judged by the Heat bar manager, Jason.  So what’s on-the-line? Lots of cool swag including RDP merchandise and apparel. Awards will be presented at approximately 9:00pm. 

Enjoy a live band, great beer selection and cocktails plus the best scenery of the London Bridge Channel.The Heat Hotel is located at: 1420 McCulloch Blvd. North, just across the London Bridge, right next to the Javelina Cantina.