Expo Advertising Campaign in Full Swing

billboard-on-site-imageOctober will be a busy month for special events in the Tri-State area and the Sand-Water-RV Expo is going to take full advantage of the influx of motorsports enthusiasts.  Billboards are now up on prominent highways and River Rat Radio Jack FM will be airing over 100 radio commercials about the upcoming Havasu Expo while the Bluewater Desert Challenge offroad race in Parker is being held on October 6, 7, 8, 9.  At the same time, the Sand-Water-Expo will have a large display in the pits/vendor area of the Jet Ski World Championships in Havasu the first week in October.  And a week later, again in Parker, Sand-Water-RV Expo discount admission coupons will be distributed at the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Races.  Lots of exposure, lots of buzz about the Expo has now begun!