8th Annual SAND – WATER – RV EXPO

Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 3 & 4 – new, expanded venue (171 London Bridge Road)

Success brings changes….and this is a good one! The Sand-Water-RV Expo has outgrown its old venue at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 4 and is moving in 2019 to the new and larger Windsor Lot 3 plus a portion of Lot 4 at the State Park. The 2019 Sand-Water-RV Expo will be 25% bigger or more than last year.


VIEW FLOORPLAN (totally new, Windsor Lot 3 and a portion of Lot 4, check for space status and availability) 








As announced in our April 23, 2019 email blast, starting May 1, 2019, Exhibitor Space Requests/Applications are being accepted for the 8th Annual Sand-Water-RV Expo, November 16-17, 2019 at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 3 & 4 (completely new floorplan).

The Expo floorplan has changed. We are expanding into all of Windsor Lot 3 and a portion of Lot 4. This now gives us more exhibitor space availability plus increased free on-site parking in Windsor Lot 4 for the general public.

With a new venue comes a new floorplan (click link above)

Here’s how 2019 Expo space assignments work: there are two primary determining factors.

  • Previous Sand-Water-RV Expo exhibitors will be extended seniority consideration wherever possible.
  • The earlier a space application/request is submitted, the better your chance of getting one of your preferred space choices.

When making a space request, if you have a location preference, please include your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. After August 19, seniority consideration expires and “Standard Space Rates” are in effect.



EXHIBITORS FYI: the 2019 Sand-Water-RV Expo has selected its dates (November 16-17, 2019) to avoid conflict with SEMA (November 5-8) and the Baja 1000 (November 19-24).


STANDARD BULK SPACE RATES (apply starting August 20, 2019 on) – a one-third deposit payment is required with every space request application.

Full space (65’ x 80’, 5200 sq. ft.)…………………………….…………$1,875.00

Half space (65’ x 40’, 2600 sq. ft.)…………………..…………….……..$1,185.00

Quarter space (32.5’ x 40’, 1300 sq. ft.)………………………………..$   690.00

STANDARD BOOTH RATES (apply starting August 20, 2019 on) a one-third deposit payment is required with every space request application. 

BOOTH EXHIBITORS PLEASE NOTE: Because of exceptionally high demand for booth spaces, as of September 2, 2019, the Expo floorplan has been modified to create a few more available ‘corner’ and ‘non’corner’ booth spaces. If you would like to exhibit, please submit a space application ASAP to take advantage of this newly created opportunity. Once those booth spaces are gone, we will have no more. 

Preferred Corner (15’ x 15’) – no electrical……………………………$ 330.00 limited availability

Non-Corner (15′ x 15′) — no electrical…………………………………………$285.00

Additional (15′ x 15′) booths…………………………………………………$180.00 each

$12.00 per linear foot (length) — reservations for dock space taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

$100 per boat/trailer parked at the staging area for demos during Expo hours 

CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR AN ONLINE ELECTRONIC SPACE APPLICATION: https://www.sandandwaterexpo.com/application-for-exhibitor-space.html 

Mailing Address:  Media Direction, 31933 Odyssey Drive, Winchester, CA  92596

Email:  info@sandandwaterexpo.com

Phone:  (951) 501-0210 office direct

FAX:  (951) 599-0195

Website:  www.sandandwaterexpo.com


All space costs must be paid in full prior to Expo move-in.  In the event an exhibitor wishes to cancel a space reservation, that request must be made (via email or in writing) prior to October 1, 2019 in order to receive a full refund.  No refunds of any payments after October 1, 2019.


Payment may be made in cash, check, money order or credit card (PayPal) — you do not have to have a PayPal account to utilize the online/website payment option, all major credit cards accepted by PayPal.  We do not accept credit card payments by phone for your security.

FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ONLINE, PLEASE USE THIS LINK: https://www.sandandwaterexpo.com/application-payments.html

Make checks payable to:  MEDIA DIRECTION
Mailing Address:  Media Direction, 31933 Odyssey Drive, Winchester, CA  92596


Brought to you by Riverdavesplace.com

All Sand-Water-RV Expo exhibitors, vendors and the general public  are invited to SXS Expo Madness on Friday, November 15, 2019 (the evening before the Expo opens) – a welcome to the Expo party and a SXS contest at Legendz on Main Streeet from 7pm to closing.

Bring your ‘built to the hilt’ SXS to the Heat where it will be judged by a stellar panel of SXS experts.  So what’s on-the-line? Winners receive a bunch of cool swag including RDP merchandise and apparel. Enjoy a music, great beer selection and cocktails. No host bar.

The Sand-Water-RV Expo is a rain or shine event — no postponements or cancellations for inclement weather 

Brought to you by Media Direction – producer of the Lake Havasu Boat Show (Media Direction has successfully been involved in the advertising/marketing/ public relations and event/entertainment production business for 40 years.  Experienced in media buying, PR, advertising, event promotion/organization and all forms of social media).


1.  What kind of Expo is this?

This is an eighth-year consumer event, intended to generate sales opportunities for manufacturers, retail dealers, and booth vendors offering related accessory products and services to the outdoor powersports recreation industry (off-road vehicles, side-by-sides, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, travel trailers, and boats) as well as kayaks,  paddleboards, golf cars, mobility scooters, camping equipment, fishing gear, and bicycles. NEW and USED product for sale welcomed.

2.  What is the venue like?

Lake Havasu State Park is a much sought-after outdoor special event facility hosting such successful events as the annual Bluegrass Festival, Havasu Balloon Fest, Rock-A-Billy Concerts, major fishing tournaments and the annual Lake Havasu Boat Show.  The Sand-Water-RV Expo has moved into the new Windsor Lot 3 venue plus a portion of Windsor Lot 4. The facility also has an adjoining RV/campsite area operated by the Arizona Stat e Parks.

3.  Who attends, from what markets and how many? 

The Expo is for everyone who enjoys outdoor recreation, especially the motorized variety.  The Expo primarily pulls an audience from the over 250,000 people living and visiting in Lake Havasu City, Parker, Kingman, Yuma, Bullhead City, Laughlin and Indio plus portions of Riverside/San Bernardino, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Expected total attendance for the two-days will be 8,000+ based upon 2018 ticket sales.

4.  How will the Expo be advertised?

It is anticipated that the Expo will draw an audience from as far as Las Vegas to the north, Phoenix to the east, Yuma to the south and Southern California to the west.  Consumer demographics will target those fitting the profile of active, outdoor recreation minded individuals and families with generous disposal incomes who are interested in and/or already involved with offroad, RV and boating lifestyle.  Advertising mediums to include:  Internet, banner ads on popular special interest Forums, email blasts to targeted demographic lists, social media (Facebook and Instagram), regional newspapers, print ads in special interest publications, highway signage, massive radio campaign and public relations.

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO STAY IN A MOTORHOME, RV OR TRAILER, LAKE HAVASU STATE PARK HAS AN EXCELLENT ON-SITE CAMPGROUND (within short walking distance of the Expo).  If you’d like to make a campsite reservation, please call 928-855-2784 or 520-586-2283.  Online reservations are available at (copy and paste link into browser):  https://azstateparks.itinio.com/lakehavasu/

LOOKING TO RENT A BOOTH OR EQUIPMENT?  Contact Curtiss at COOL RIVER PARTY RENTALS, Lake Havasu City based, serving all of Mohave County, call 928-412-2231.  Standard Booth Package:  EZ-Up shade, (1) 8′ table and (2) chairs only $75.00 including delivery and pick-up plus tax.  Additional tables $8 each, additional chairs $1 each, chill tubs $4 each and mister system $50.  Generators, tenting, linens, lighting, etc. also available.


Show Hours: Open to the public (rain or shine)
Saturday, November 16, 2019 — 9am to 5pm
Sunday, November 17, 2019 — 9am to 3pm

Admission: Saturday and Sunday, Adults $5.00, children 6 & under free.  Sunday Only discount admission coupons (save 20%) available in local Havasu retail locations plus the White Sheet and Todays News Herald.
VIP 2-DAY admission passes ($8 one adult or $15 two adults) may be purchased at the on-site Expo ticket office.

Move-in (Exhibitors):  Thursday, November 14 after 2:00pm — Friday, November 15, 7:30am to 6pm and Saturday, November 16, 7:00am to 8:30am.

Move-out:  Sunday, November 17 after 3:00pm, Monday, November 18  from 8am to noon, all exhibit material must be removed by noon, November 18.

Security will be present from Thursday, November 14 through Monday, November 18, at noon.

All bulk space exhibits and booths must be attended/manned during all show hours.

There is no electrical power on-site. Portable generators are permitted only with permission of show management and conforming to local fire department standards.  Portable generators must be equipped with a means of expelling exhaust in such a way as to avoid CO contamination to adjacent show guests and other exhibitors.

No Spikes Allowed to Anchor Tents or EZ-Ups on Asphalt:  We have been informed by the Arizona Park Service that exhibitors will not be allowed to use spikes driven into the asphalt to anchor tents or EZ-Ups.  If this is a problem, please notify show management.

Bulk exhibitors and booth vendors are responsible for their own move-in and move-out.  Boat Show management does not offer storage.

Bulk exhibitors and booth vendors are responsible for bringing their own display equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, EZ-Ups, stairs, backdrops, signage, etc.)

Boat Show staff will have forklifts on-site to assist with heavy loading and unloading of display items and moving vehicles/boats/trailers into final position.  Boat Show staff will not be available to off-load exhibitor boats from their trailers.  If an exhibitor wishes to display boats off trailers, they are responsible for that activity.  Private crane rental services are available in the immediate area to provide that service.

All exhibitors are required to abide by all local regulations pertaining to licenses and permits.  In addition, all exhibitors must have minimum general business liability insurance coverage of $1,000,000.  Any accident or injury occurring within the assigned bulk or booth space is solely the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Exhibitors must confine any promotion or solicitation within the perimeter of their assigned space.  Excessively large or misleading signage or loud audio creating a conflict with other exhibitors in the Expo is prohibited and must be removed or stopped at the direction of Expo management.

No outside alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed at the Expo.  Food, beverage and beer will be available for sale on-site during regular show hours.

Be advised:  drone flying over State Park land is strictly prohibited – violation may result in substantial fines.

All exhibitors are urged to exercise care and caution when leaving displays/merchandise unattended (overnight).  Unexpected changes in weather may occur suddenly.  It is strongly recommended that free standing tents, E-Z Ups and other coverings be taken down or secured with heavy weights.  Expo management is not responsible for weather related damage.  This is an all-outdoor Expo.

All exhibitors must wear official Expo badges issued by show management during show hours.  Badges may be ordered prior to November 6, 2019 and picked up at the on-site Expo office starting Friday, November 15 after 1:30pm. Please use the online link at the top of this page to order exhibitor badges. Booth spaces are allowed up to 6 free exhibitor badges.  Bulk spaces are allowed up to 8 free exhibitor badges. Additional badges are available for $3.00 each.  Extra badges may also be issued on site at the Expo office if needed.  Badges will only be issued to registered Expo exhibitors and media/press.

Guidelines for “Manufacturer” Exhibitors

Manufacturers may only display “for sale” products (new or previously owned) which they manufacture or have in inventory.  No private party products “for sale” allowed in the exhibitor display area.  If a manufacturer wishes to exhibit, first consideration will be given to the Lake Havasu City based authorized dealer representing that product brand if one exists.  If the local authorized dealer elects not to exhibit that brand, or a dealer for that brand does not exist in Lake Havasu City, the manufacturer may seek other representation at the Expo by a Lake Havasu based retail business as long as it does not violate or conflict with any existing exclusive territory agreements between a Havasu based dealer and that manufacturer/brand.  Manufacturers that sell factory-direct (without retail dealers) are welcome to exhibit. Duplication of brands “for sale” will be avoided wherever possible.  In order for a manufacturer to make a sale at the Sand – Water – RV Expo (state of origin and local regulations pertain), a valid  Lake Havasu City business license must be in force (a temporary business license is available from local City offices, see below for more info).  If a manufacturer does not have an Arizona DMV RV/trailer license, the RV or trailer must be plainly marked, “For Display Purposes Only” (a temporary DMV/RV/trailer license is available from local City offices, see below for more info). It is imperative that a manufacturer list all products it intends to offer for sale or display at the Expo on the original space application.  Products not listed on the space application may be denied display/for sale privileges at the Expo. Show management reserves the right to deny exhibiting privileges to any manufacturer (Lake Havasu City based or not) who in the judgment of show management is conducting itself in a manner that presents unfair competition to others in the show.

Guidelines for “Retail Dealer” Exhibitors

Lake Havasu City retailer dealers and/or manufacturers will be given first opportunity to exhibit (commitment deadline is August 20, 2018).  Duplication of brands “for sale” will be avoided wherever possible.  An exhibitor may, however, display product of a duplicate brand “not for sale” in order to show specific products and services (accessories, rigging, installation, etc.) it offers to the public “for sale.”  Dealers may only display “for sale” products (new and previously owned) where they have an existing “dealer agreement” with that specific manufacturer and/or product in inventory listed “for sale” under a consignment agreement.  Displayed “for sale” products may only be sold through that dealer.  Private party products “for sale” without a consignment agreement with a dealer is prohibited.  A dealer must have a valid Lake Havasu City business license in force (a temporary business license is available from local City offices, see below for more info).  If a dealer does not have an Arizona DMV RV/trailer license, the RV or trailer must be plainly marked, “For Display Purposes Only” (a temporary DMV/RV/trailer license is available from local City offices, see below for more info). ). It is imperative that a dealer list all products it intends to offer for sale or display at the Expo on the original space application.  Products not listed on the space application may be denied display/for sale privileges at the Expo. Show management reserves the right to deny exhibiting privileges to any dealer (Lake Havasu City based or not) who in the judgment of show management is conducting itself in a manner that presents unfair competition to others in the show.

Guidelines for Vendors/Booth Exhibitors

Vendors/booth exhibitors selling name brand merchandise must have a distributor agreement in place with the manufacturer of that product.  There shall be no duplicate name brand products “for sale” at the boat show unless the manufacturer does not have a policy of exclusive territories.  Products of very similar or identical use/function will be limited to no more than two such products in a specific category (i.e. — sunglasses, cutlery, water toys, etc.).  Lake Havasu City based vendors/booth exhibitors will be given the first opportunity to exhibit (commitment deadline is August 20, 2018).  All sales at the Expo must be through the vendor/booth exhibitor, and a valid Lake Havasu City business license must be in force (a temporary business license is available from local City offices, see below for more info).  ). It is imperative that a vendor list all products it intends to offer for sale or display at the Expo on the original space application.  Products not listed on the space application may be denied display/for sale privileges at the Expo.  Show management reserves the right to deny exhibiting privileges to any vendor/booth exhibitor (Lake Havasu City based or not) who in the judgment of show management is conducting itself in a manner that presents unfair competition to others in the show.


NOISE LEVELS — Please keep sound at a level that allows neighboring exhibits to be able to conduct business. We will ask you to turn down or turn off any sound system/amplifier that is bothering your neighbors. Failure to do so will result in loss of power from your exhibit. Noise makers (air horns, bull horns, sirens, etc) are not permitted.

SECURITY — Show management is responsible for providing security coverage beginning at the official, published move-in time and ending at the official, published move-out time. Exhibitors are responsible for security of their booth and any loss or damage to their property during official move-in hours, moveout hours and show hours, including 1 hour prior to show opening and ½ hour after show closing. The Sand-Water-RV Expo assumes no liability for any loss, damage, or injury to any property of the exhibitor or to any of its officers, agents, employees, or contractor, whenever attributed to accident, fire, or any other cause whatsoever.

 SECURITY TIPS — Securing your exhibit materials and items is always a good idea. Most losses occur during move-in and move-out, and the first ½ hour after a show closes.  Do not leave your booth unattended at any time! AV equipment, cash registers, and product should be placed under a table or in a box. ⊥ Cover your tables and products after move-in and after show hours by using a sheet or something similar. The sheet can be secured with bungee cords or duct tape. Do not indicate the contents on the outside of your boxes and crates. These items pass through many hands during the shipping process as well as during the show.  Permanent identification on your property will reduce temptation and make the return of these items easier should they disappear.  NEVER leave money, purses, wallets or laptops unattended in your booth. Take your cash, credit cards, and credit card receipts with you at the end of each day.  Do not leave valuable items/ personal items in clear view or within reaching distance of other people. Once the show closes, always be sure to pack your valuables first.

STAFFING — Exhibit booths must be staffed during all published show hours. Exhibits must open promptly at the published time each day and remain open until the closing hour each day. If an exhibitor needs access to booth before/after exhibitor hours, they must obtain security clearance from show management. Please contact the Show Management at the show office or at exhibitor registration.

BOOTH CHANGES — Changes to your booth location can occur at any time from the initial assignment until show opening. Modifications to an exhibitor’s display may be made by show management at any time. All booth designs are subject to on-site Fire Marshal approval and regulations.

BOOTH DESIGN GUIDELINES — Exhibitors are not allowed to put anything above the maximum height allocated for each type of booth without show management’s approval: 15’ x 15’ has a 10’ height limit. Bulk spaces have a 12ft. height limit unless approved by show management.  Each exhibitor is entitled to a reasonable sight line from the aisle regardless of exhibit size.  All printed materials and samples must be distributed within your booth only. Working the aisles or approaching people outside your booth is prohibited.  Exhibitors may hang graphics in their booth, but they cannot exceed the maximum height allowed. All signs must be professionally produced. Hand written signs are prohibited. Placement of signs must be approved by show management. The use of corrugated boxes, unlabeled bins, etc. to display and/or sell product or merchandise is discouraged and may not be permitted by the Fire Marshal. Unsightly storage of inventory within your booth area during show hours (cartons of product) is not permitted.  All booths must accommodate and be accessible to the handicapped in compliance with the American Disabilities Act regardless of your company’s size. Please contact show management if your booth does not meet or exceeds the show guidelines.

OUTDOOR CANOPIES/TENTS/E-Z UPS — Canopies cannot exceed the maximum booth height or booth depth. They may cover your entire booth area, but the support structures cannot be wider than 3″ when placed in the front 5′ of your booth. Standard booth line of sight rules apply. Canopies must be fire retardant and meet all fire regulations. If 200 square feet or more is covered, additional precautions are required (Smoke detectors, Fire Exit signs, a hand held Fire Extinguisher and an approved Certificate of Flame Proofing.) Exhibitors must comply with the local fire rules and regulations when using a canopy.

DEMONSTRATIONS — While entertaining/demonstrating in booth, you must arrange booth so audience does not block aisles, overflow into nearby booths or disrupt your neighbors’ business. Normal traffic flow must be maintained at all times.

FACILITY USE — Do not attach your materials or puncture any surface that is part of the facility, including no spikes driven into the asphalt to secure an EZ-Up or tent. This means no screws, nails, tacks, tape, carpet tape, stickers, and/or decals on anything but your own property. Doing so may result in a charge to your company from the facility for repair and clean-up.  

FIRE & SAFETY — All exhibitors are required to abide by the rules and regulations listed below.  All materials must be flame resistant. This includes, but is not limited to, drapes, curtains, table coverings.  No combustible materials should be attached to or hung from the sides or the back of the booth.  Outside areas enclosed by solid walls and/or ceilings (tents, E-Z Ups, canopies) must be approved in advance by the Fire Marshal and require operational smoke detectors inside the enclosed area. They must also have an alarm, fire extinguisher or a smoke detector in or connected to the outside area. Other restrictions may apply.  Fire extinguishers, fire hoses and sprinkler closets must be visible and accessible at all times even if located in your booth. ⊥ Aisles and exits must be kept clear and free of obstructions. Use or storage of compressed gases, helium, flammable liquids, explosives, and other toxic or hazardous materials may be done only with a permit and approval by the Fire Marshal and Facility.  Combustible rubbish should be removed from your booth daily.  Open flames for any reason require show management, Fire Marshal and Facility approval.  No standing on chairs, tables, rented furniture or any facility equipment for safety precautions. All carpet must be adhered to the floor by the contractor or the exhibitor.  No animals allowed unless on leash or except those assisting the physically impaired.

MATERIAL DISPLAYED — Show management reserves the right to require exhibitors to remove any materials from their exhibit which is determined, at our discretion, to be inappropriate.

MOTOR VEHICLES –Fuel level must not exceed ¼ tank of gas or contain more than 5 gallons, whichever is less. ⊥ Refueling and de-fueling of vehicles must be done outside the facility and appropriate safety equipment must be used.  Fuel vents must be sealed to prevent the escape of volatile and flammable vapors.  All batteries must be disconnected (negative battery terminal must be disconnected).  Gas caps must be locked or taped shut.  No ignition source may be within 20 feet of the vehicles.  Keys must be kept on site in the event an emergency removal of the vehicle is required.  Vehicles and exhibits cannot block exit doors or fire lanes. Operation of any internal combustion engine is prohibited without Fire Marshal approval. Vehicles are subject to random inspections by the Fire Marshal.  AT NO TIME DURING THE SHOW ARE VEHICLES TO BE STARTED, DRIVEN OR MOVED.  Only exhibitors with an exhibitor badge will be allowed to remove vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, trailers or anything with two or more wheels.  If vehicles in a booth are being removed by a third party, exhibitors need to provide show management with the contact and company name of the responsible party  All vehicles MUST be removed from the facility by the following Monday at noon or they will be subject to towing.

MOVE-OUT — Early move-out is prohibited, including the early removal of vehicles. A violation of this rule may result in being banned from future shows. Tear down will begin at the close of the show. Early tear-down will result in forfeiting your rights to participate in future shows.


The City of Lake Havasu business license office has upgraded their process for obtaining a Temporary Business License. If you do not have an annual Lake Havasu City business license you are required to have a temporary business license for the Boat Show and/or Sand-Water-RV Expo if you are engaged in retail sales. The cost of a temporary business license is now $11.00 per day. Exhibitor/vendors no longer must complete an application. You will receive an email from the City of Lake Havasu business license office giving you instructions on how you can pay for the license online. If you prefer to pay for the license in person, you can still do so at 2330 McCulloch Blvd. N., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. If you need more information regarding a temporary business license contact: Denise, 928-453-4153 or email callanta-nortond@lhcaz.gov


   In this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings defined below unless the context requires otherwise:

  1. BUSINESS.  Includes all activities or acts engaged in or caused to be engaged in within the city’s limits with the object of apparent gain, benefit or advantage, either directly or indirectly, excluding casual activities or sales. The term business shall include any commercial or industrial enterprise, trade, profession, occupation, vocation, calling or livelihood including the rental of real property, mobile home parks or independent contractors, whether or not carried on for gain or profit, but not to include services rendered by an employee to an employer, nor services of any independent contractor who works solely for, is affiliated with or works in association with, or acts as the agent of any firm, office, company or other person providing professional services and holding a valid license issued pursuant to this chapter in the name of such business. The exceptions listed herein shall not apply to a person required to obtain a transaction privilege tax license under the provisions of the Lake Havasu City Tax Code in Title 3, who shall not be excluded from the definition of “business” set forth in this section.
  2. CASUAL ACTIVITY OR SALE.  A transaction of an isolated nature made by a person who does not represent to be nor is engaged in a business subject to a tax imposed by the Lake Havasu City Tax Code in Title 3. However, no sale, rental, license for use, or lease transaction concerning real property nor any activity entered into by a business taxable by the Lake Havasu City Tax Code in Title 3 shall be considered a casual activity. This definition includes sales of used capital assets; provided, that the volume and frequency of the sales do not indicate that the seller regularly engages in selling the property.
  3. ENGAGED IN BUSINESS.  The commencing, conducting, operating, managing or carrying on of a business and the exercise of corporate or franchise powers, whether done as owner, or by means of an officer, agent, manager, employee, servant, or otherwise, whether operating from a fixed location in the city or coming into the city from an outside location to engage in such activities.

(Ord. 12-1070, § 1, passed 1-10-2012; Ord. 99-566, § 2, passed – -1999; Ord. 91-340, § 2 (part), passed – -1991)